Some tips & tricks for flying in hot weather

BEFORE THE FLIGHT Know the performance of your aircraft. It is even hotter on the runway than the ambient temperatures, which can be a difference of as much as 10 degrees in the afternoon. The pilot’s performance also deteriorates, so be sure to drink sufficient amounts of fluid (water is best because it doesn’t strain […]

Flying in cold weather

Cold weather operations Yep, the country was suddenly subjected to cold temperatures again. This also has an impact on your aircraft in terms of performance, engine operating temperature, and any modified procedures that we do not do weekly.Some points for attention Oil temperatureAfter ignition, give your engine enough time to warm up before performing the […]

Enkele tips en tricks voor vliegen bij warm weer

VOOR DE VLUCHT​ Ken de performance van je toestel. Op rwy is het nog warmer dan de omgevingstemperaturen dit kan oplopen tot 10graden verschil in de namiddag.​ Performance van de piloot gaat ook achteruit : drink voldoende (water is het beste omdat het je lichaam niet belast), eet iets lichts voor je vlucht. Vliegen met […]

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