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What if you could train every day

Take action and take big steps forward towards your goal

Are you also tired of depending on the weather to work out? Not being able to fly for long periods of time and then when the weather is good it all gets a bit tricky… By practising consistencies and sharpening your practical skills, from now on this will be a thing of the past and soon you will step into the cockpit full of enthusiasm every time.

Let’s do this

Mastering the art of flying

I’d be happy to help you achieve it!

Take the steps necessary.

And have fun along the way.

Thanks to this membership approach to the simulator, you will have access to a powerful training tool and get the support to take those steps that are needed as well. We will look for that next level, for building out your pilot project, tailored to you.

in the simulator:

Accessible training tools for aviators!

With unlimited access to the simulator, you have the necessary tools available to take steps to boost your skills. That way, you can fall back on that on the plane and there is time and space to enjoy yourself there.


An online learning platform where you can find exercises for inspiration, an emergency of the month for targeted training, a collection of all pilot jump seats and demo videos to set up the simulator to your own training goals: different location, meteorological settings, failures and much more..


During the process, I check in with you regularly so you know clearly where you stand and what steps you still need to take to achieve your goals. A place to go to ask questions and exchange ideas with like-minded aviators.

live accompaniment

Every 2 months there is a coaching moment where you get my exclusive attention and enthusiasm at the hub in Rupelmonde. I provide answers to your questions and explanations on techniques of flying as well as setup of the simulator.


Currently, there are no bonuses.

For those boarding before 10/10/2023 receive free:

  • €150 discount on entry fees
    (code: SIMULATOR2023)
  • coaching session with instructor worth €150


I am Anneleen Smits, passionate pilot, instructor, examiner, and founder of In the Air.

I absolutely love flying. Just thinking of flying, the view, and the technicality of the aircraft makes me smile; it’s an amazing feeling.

I dreamed of becoming a pilot when I was a child. My first flying experience as a 15-year-old cadet with the Royal Belgian Air Cadets was incredible. Professionally, I have continued to work to expand and improve my skills and abilities as a pilot.

–> years of experience in coaching pilots
–> hundreds of tips and tricks already given to pilots to improve their skills
–> various coaching courses taken both in and outside the field of aviation

Exploring your potential and improving your skills contribute to MASTERING THE ART OF FLYING, which I am thrilled to help you achieve.

Want to remain in top form? Want to stay at the controls? Do you want to become and remain the best pilot you could be? Do you want to be proud to be a pilot? Do you want to enjoy every aspect of flying?

Do you want to 
 remain in top form?
Want to 
stay at
 the controls?
Do you want to 
 be and 
and remain 
the best pilot 
 you could be?
Do you 
want to be
 proud to be a pilot?
Do you 
want to 
every aspect 
of flying?

If so, you’re in the right place. I have created a place for you to turn to for clarity, simplicity and focus.
Fun, along with confidence in your knowledge and skills, are the basics.
You start discovering what you need to do, why you need to do it, and that gives you overview and control.
You are going to see and notice it in every cell of your body.


In the air flight coaching: Anneleen's concept is like her logo:

Stef Mintiens
CPL Pilot

Passion and drive from Anneleen is palpable.

PPL pilot


How are we going to do that consistent training? For a fixed monthly fee, you can come to Rupelmonde for unlimited practice. There is a library, a video library of exercises you can perform on the full-size cockpit SEP simulator. The simulator has Garmin 1000 as glass cockpit, intercom system to also do communication exercises and a 180° visual to do your VFR manoeuvres and navigations. You can control the meteorological conditions yourself so you can practise VFR and IFR flights and quietly build up to set ceiling lower, or add more wind. Thanks to the global database, you can choose to train on your own homebase or maybe you want to try that special approach in Greenland or dream away at an exotic landscape, it’s all possible.

All this for €1800 a year or €180/month.

€ 1800


€ 1800

Quarterly payment

€ 500
/3 month

Monthly payment

€ 180

*You can choose a yearly or monthly subscription after this.

The doors of the membership are currently closed. Would you like to be notified as soon as the doors reopen? Then be sure to put yourself on the VIP list below.

Registering for the VIP list is free and with no purchase obligations.

Questions and answers

In the air training centre,

Temsestraat 39,

9150 Rupelmonde
View on Google Maps

The training centre is open 365 days a year, from 7am to 11pm each time.

You will receive a badge or a unique number code with which you can open the door.

During an introductory session, you will get a guided tour and a manual + videos are available to explain how to start the simulator and the basics of the Garmin 1000.

Not for now for that your simulator has to be inspected, you can keep them as a reference. The skills you gain are with you anyway even if you don’t write it down anywhere.

Yes, it is possible to be individually guided with coaching fully tailored to your demand. This is not included in the subscription and can be purchased as a single session or as a series at €150/session if you have a simulator subscription ongoing.

You can choose to combine it with the Improve Your Aviator Skills coaching membership for the full experience.
The first 12 participants can schedule a 1-1 coaching with Anneleen. For everyone, there is a basic programme from the Pilot Jump Seat where you get targeted assignments and have an emergency of the month to train.

Yes unlimited. To give everyone a chance to capture a slot, you can schedule 5 sessions in the future, so once you have flown the first of your series you can capture your 6th session.

For annual subscriptions, there are 6 vouchers per year where you can bring someone along. If you have a monthly subscription, you will receive a voucher to bring someone along after 3 months. If you both have sim subscriptions, then feel free to schedule unlimited sessions together.

Yes we have different formulas for internal and external instructors, contact us for more info on this.

Yes, you can book a single simulator session with coaching. In the online calendar, schedule your session and then pay for it easily via the online payment page.