Improve your aviator skills

Your aviator skills

Do you need to brush up on your theoretical knowledge?


Aviation can sometimes feel like a jungle

Searching for the right book, or not knowing how to master all the skills feels like a real challenge.

To pass your annual pilot examination, you need a lot of books, information and strategies. So it’s not surprising if you don’t know where to start.

What you will learn

We start with an introductory discussion to get a clear picture of your needs. You will be guided through every step of the process with the help of structure and making connections between all the different topics. It’s all broken down into manageable goals for each week.

Let's go for it!

The IMPROVE YOUR AVIATOR SKILLS course has been designed to fully support you in making great progress in terms of your aviation knowledge in a short space of time, a mix between self-study videos and personal coaching.


An online learning platform where all the exercises, video material and PDFs are located so you can work with them at your own pace. Every week, a new series of exercises is available online with a mix of each aspect of flight preparation, technique and theory.


A virtual place where you can ask questions and exchange ideas

live group sessions

Weekly coaching calls where you get my exclusive attention and enthusiasm, answers to your questions and explanations about flying techniques.


An extra year’s access to the academy to review everything and continue working on it at your convenience.

Free access to three master classes in the next 12 months.


I am Anneleen Smits, passionate pilot, instructor, examiner and founder of In the Air.

I absolutely love flying. It makes me laugh when I think of flying, the view and the technicality of the plane, it’s amazing.

I dreamed of becoming a pilot when I was a child. My first flying experience as a 15-year-old cadet with the Royal Belgian Air Cadets was incredible. Professionally, I have continued to work to expand and improve my skills and abilities as a pilot.

–> years of experience in coaching pilots
–> I have already given hundreds of pilots tips and tricks to improve their skills
–> Various coaching courses taken both in and outside the field of aviation

Exploring your potential and improving your skills contribute to MASTERING THE ART OF FLYING, which I am thrilled to help you achieve.


De deuren van het Improve Your Aviator Skills – traject gaan slechts enkele dagen per jaar open om in te schrijven. Zet je dus zeker op de VIP LIJST. Zo krijg je als eerste de kans om je in te schrijven aan onweerstaanbare VIP voorwaarden.


Online traject met alle video’s en alle live sessies.
De fundamenten van het traject met begeleiding in groep.

€ 697



The hands-on also includes the online coaching programme

€ 1.497

Hands-on Extra


The hands-on extra also includes the online coaching programme

€ 1.997

Want to remain in top form? Want to stay at the controls? Do you want to become and remain the best pilot you could be? Do you want to be proud to be a pilot? Do you want to enjoy every aspect of flying?

Want to 
 remain in top form?
Want to 
stay at
 the controls?
Do you 
 want to become 
and remain 
the best pilot
 you could be? 
Do you 
want to be
 proud to be a pilot?
Do you 
want to enjoy 
every aspect 
of flying?

If so, you’re in the right place. I don’t just help you to pass your exams, I do much more: I help you to improve your skills, to challenge yourself and to become an even better pilot.

With me you will not only achieve great exam results, but also discover the joy of flying – you will appreciate the process even more. I promise, you’ll love it.

Are you ready for change?