E-book: How to navigate through your exam


I am Anneleen Smits
Passionate pilot, instructor, examiner and

In this e-book I have bundled official texts and forms in a way that is easy to understand
to clarify the structure and content of a practical exam for pilots.
I take you through the process step by step before, during and after your exam.
The book has been written from my perspective as an examiner on aircraft, in accordance with EASA guidelines and the Flight Examiner Manual. The content is intended to provide additional information for examinations in accordance with EASA part FCL, not as a substitute for lessons, manuals or courses at a training organisation.


The focus is on single pilot exams such as LAPL, PPL, MPL, CPL, IR, SEP, MEP, TMG. We do not cover examinations for examiners, Type Rating examinations or multi-pilot examinations.

Happy reading!