Coaching for pilots and guidance for future pilots


How does it feel to be the pilot of your own plane? Step into the cockpit of your own plane and take control, that is what you will experience during our flights.
No previous experience needed.
Flights possible from multiple airports in Belgium.
It is time for you to be heading down the runway, pick up speed and take-off. 
Price €290 includes aircraft, instructor, landing fees. No extra costs to bring 1 passenger along during the inspiration flight.
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One-on-one Coaching

I believe you deserve a chance, I believe you deserve the best support in achieving your dreams. Fear of failure prevents you from realizing your dreams. During our coaching program we will improve your flying skills, communication skills and boost your confidence. 

Are you a rated pilot or a future pilot excited to start training? In the air has your back!

Need a flight instructor?

How to prepare yourself for a proficiency check? How to stay skilled and ready for you next interview, even if in the current market it might take some time for jobs to open again?

Make sure you are the best available candidate for the job they are offering. We will support and challenge you, we will coach you towards the goals you set out for yourself.

Need a confidence booster?

We want you to experience joy and feel confident stepping into your aircraft. To know that you are a professional pilot in all circumstances, indepent of license level (PPL, CPL or ATPL).

We work on the ground and in the air. We coach you to explore your full potential and get you ready for the next step in life or in your career.

Need a commercial pilot?

I have 12 years of experience on different types of aircraft, competent in ocean crossing, ferry’s, photography and data survey, tv relay and business aviation. I’m current on B200 as captain and LTC and various MEP and SEP aircraft.

Keep your ratings valid

Anneleen SmIts

Anneleen Smits, eigenaar van In The Air

Passionate about flying, teaching and coaching. I am rated as a FI SEP, night, MEP, IR and FII. I have tonnes of experience in coaching and in training pilots.